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Omega Technical Solutions has been serving the Haymarket area since 2007, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

If Your Backup Isn’t Automated, It Isn’t Worth It

If Your Backup Isn’t Automated, It Isn’t Worth It

You don’t want to take chances with something as important as your data backup. In the past, businesses would use tape backups performed manually at specific intervals to back up their data to physical drives for storage. However, tape backup has largely become obsolete compared to modern solutions like automated backup and disaster recovery (BDR).

What makes automated backup solutions so much better than standard, traditional tape backup systems? Today, we want to explore how much an automated system can impact your organization’s productivity and operations.

Greater Time and Resource Savings

Earlier in this article, we mentioned manually setting tapes, which means that someone has to take time out of their day to set and run a backup solution. Furthermore, tape backup is particularly resource-intensive, so it’s not something that can be done while the rest of your organization is operating at peak productivity. With an automated system, data backups can be strategically implemented to minimize their impact on day-to-day operations, and they give your staff valuable time back for other important tasks.

More Efficiency and Resiliency

So, what happens when the individual manually setting a tape backup forgets to do it for a day or fails to configure the backup system settings properly? It’s simple: that backup doesn’t happen, putting your business at risk of a data loss incident. You never have to worry about human error with an automated backup solution, provided it is configured properly and managed well. A good BDR solution will also be able to monitor the backup process and test these copies of your data to ensure they work as intended when you need them most.

An Easier Time with Scaling Your Solution

When your organization has a lot of data to back up, the process will take time. As your business grows, so too will your data backup needs. Since automated solutions tend to upload your data backups into the cloud for safekeeping, it is much easier to scale your backup solution to fit your business’ current needs, and you won’t have to manage the considerable physical space issues that could arise from storing tape backups, either.

Learn More About BDR Today

A BDR solution implemented by Omega Technical Solutions can aid your business’ efforts to improve the resiliency and redundancy of your network. To learn more about BDR and your options for implementing such a solution for your business, contact us at (703) 743-3056.

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