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The Internet of Things Can Advance Your Business

The Internet of Things Can Advance Your Business

The Internet of Things is usually a term used to describe the billions of devices that are now connected to the Internet. For a business, however, confronting an IoT strategy can be confusing. Not only do they need to consider the innovation aspect that smart devices create, they also need to prioritize the security of these devices as many of them don’t come with any cybersecurity features whatsoever.

IoT is an Instant Consideration

One thing is for certain, the IoT needs some attention. Even if you don’t actively deploy IoT tools for your business, you have to acknowledge all the endpoints your employees are responsible for. It’s important to understand what exactly you are dealing with when it comes to the IoT and your business—a possible vulnerability. Understanding that may just open you up to some new technology that could transform the effectiveness of your business. 

Security is Paramount

We can’t understate the importance of making a solid effort on cybersecurity. The Internet of Things devices presents issues because, besides phones, most IoT devices don’t come with much in the way of integrated security. Smartphones are indeed part of the IoT; that means Mobile Device Management. Every smartwatch, fitness tracker, smart speaker, and even a super smart self-heating mug are possible breach points to your network, which means that you have some work to do if you want to have the bare minimum protection against device-based corruption.

What Else Does IoT Bring?

Well, so far it seems like there is just more to do—and seemingly more expense—with IoT. This is where it gets good, though. The IoT, if added to the right places in your business, can be revolutionary. The truth is that the added insight of deploying connected devices can move the needle for any business. 

More data: better decisions. 

That’s not to say there isn’t risk. If you just throw money at the IoT without having a dedicated plan on how to use it, you may be underwhelmed at the value you get out of it.

Data Is the Benefit

If you choose to make an investment in commercial or industrial IoT, outside of the consumer IoT, you’re doing so to try and take the human variable out. IoT is a technology that provides automation in action and in reporting. That means that tools are set to carry out a specific function, then report information to a central location for broadcast onto a dashboard of sorts. 

One application that is being used more and more is a fleet tracking system. Some businesses rely heavily on their fleet of vehicles for delivery of manpower, goods, and components. IoT can play a significant role in the management of vehicles by providing data that allows fleet managers to make real-time decisions that, over time, can save businesses a substantial amount of money. It does this by tracking all the elements that go into running a fleet of vehicles, such as: 

  • Tracking the most efficient routes
  • Measuring fuel usage and emissions of vehicles
  • Monitoring fleet vehicle conditions for maintenance
  • Operator information

The most interesting part of a fleet management system that utilizes IoT technology is to deliver real-time data so that administrators can know what’s going on at any given time; as well as have systems that can help them make better decisions in the future. 

The IoT is filled with technologies just like this and your business may be able to take advantage of one that will pay for itself in no time. For more information about dynamic IoT technologies that can help cut your organization’s costs, give us a call today at (703) 743-3056. 

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Monday, February 26, 2024

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